Summer Day Camp

IM Ryosuke Nanjo & Couch Alex Averbukh have hosted a summer one-day chess camp on Saturday, August 6th, 2016. TBCC would like to thank all our parents for supporting scholastic chess for their children by allowing them to be immersed in our instructional, fun chess camp at Osaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo.  Children grade 1 to 6 were welcome to start off their summer vacation by attending this fun-filled event! There were chess instruction, games, food and outdoor activities.

Campers from various schools in Tokyo and from around the world come to TBCC in order to improve their chess skills in English and to enjoy a variety of other cognitive and physical activities. It is always a challenge when faced with a class of learners all keen to hone their chess skills or to learn the game of chess, to come up with activities that engage them and at the same time cater to their varying ability levels…

 August birthday kids received a cupcake and a gift to enjoy.  A huge thank you to everyone for all of their help and support!

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