Tuesday Night Chess for Adult & Junior    [Fall 2016]【Registration Closed】

Looking for a place to meet other chess players this fall? Try out a new opening without trashing your rating? Spar with strong chess players of all ages?  Relax and play a game?  A meeting room in Hiroo, centrally located just in frong of Arisugawa Park, is a great venue for (relatively) casual chess!


Come up to the 3nd floor and you'll find chessboards, clocks, and great chess players in the Japanese Tatami room. (Details for venue will be provided upon registration.)


Check-in begins before 6:00pm.  Registration is necessary via email.  TBCC membership is required.  No JCA membership is necessary. Bring a chess set and clock, if possible.


ENTRY FEES:  Individual entry fee is 2,000 yen for adults. 1,000 yen discount for students under 20. Family rate is 3,000 yen up to three players from the same family. Membership fee is waived for the first time visitor.


Please note that tt is highly recommended that kids obtain a 800 JCA rating at minimum before joining.

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