Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club had a great turnout for our new year scholastic chess tournament this past Saturday, January 26, 2019. There were a total of 11 players vying for various trophies and prizes.  While missing many of our regular players due to influenza, we did not lack excitement, nail biting games and suprising upsets.  The field of 11 players was split into two sections, an open section (Class A) and a U1000 section (Class B). The kids and parents were all great and we couldn’t have asked for a better group. 


Kids who came in maybe fourth or fifth place are coming back the next year and winning first or second place.  The TD, Alex A., and Teacher Kevin settled any type of dispute that arose during the game.  Here are the results of the 2019 New Year Tournament.

Class A winners:

Class A: Kai Tatsumi with 4.0/5.0

Class A: Stepan Nikitin with 3.0/5.0

Class A: Sayak Chowdhury with 2.0/5.0


When two or more players ended up with the same score, we had a blitz chess play-off, in which they play one game of five-minute chess to determine who wins which trophy.


Class B winners:

Class B: Hiroaki Hida with 4.0/5.0

Class B: Fedor Savenkov with 4.0/5.0

Class B: Paulo Galvez with 3.0/5.0

Class B: Shodai Watanobe with 3.0/5.0


Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to all the players who came out to compete.  The 1st place winner of each section received free entry fee for the 14th scholastic chess tournament this spring, 2019.  The next batch of tournaments is just around the corner, so be sure to register for your chance to win. 

Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club can assist families who want to begin the process of having their children become JCF members, just let us know before the tournament.

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