2018 Club Championship TBCC Teams Results


CM Alex Averbukh

Ryo Chen

Yuhiro Muto

Shota Osaka


Kevin Izquierdo

Aarushi Deo

Sayak Chowdhury

Lira Yoshida


Nicolo Lo Piparo

Prabhat Nagarajan

Kai Tatsumi

Kohta Shizumi



Ryo Shiomi

CM Takuma Osaka

WFM Grace Kigeni Sengendo

Yogesh Bedekar

Ryosuke Sugimoto


Approximately 33 teams, 150 players have participated in the 2018 Japan Club Championship hosted by Japan Chess Association (JCA) on September 23-24, 2018.  An annual event where all chess minds from all over the country come in and compete and try to win the team trophy and the individual medal.

4 TBCC teams are entering the Club Championship 2018 for the third time as an official member circle of JCA.  It’s an awesome unbelievable achievement for our high school, middle school and elementary kids to play all 6 rounds in two days! 

Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club team A, D, C & B ranked No. 8, 15, 20 & 33, respectively, in the final standings of the 2018 Japan Club Championship.

Check out chess-results for the final standings and individual performances: 



Thank you, Team Captains!  They encouraged their team always to follow the spirit of the highest sportsmanship!  

Welcome to Tokyo, WFM Grace Kigeni Sengendo and her husband from Uganda.  TBCC girls are so excited to meet her and absolutely loved her in the JCA Club Championship 2018.

Congratulations to all of the winners this year. A medal and gifts were awarded to the top players as board prizes for outstanding individual performance: CM Alex Averbukh (TBCC Team A) for the 1st board & overall individual performance and Prabhat Nagarajan (TBCC Team C) for the 2nd board top player.  TBCC Team A has got the special "Gambatta" prize.  

The Club Championship had a good balance of focus and fun. The students were all there to learn, but also socialize and enjoy themselves.We are all really proud of the heart and effort of all these kids!  Thanks to all the parents and coaches who support scholastic chess in Japan!

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