Interschool Chess Championship 2019

An opportunity to be recognized as the best school team for chess is here in Tokyo again!  On Saturday, May 18,  the 2019 Inter-school Chess Championship was organized by Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club at Nishimachi International School.  13 students from 2 esteemed middle and elementary schools across Tokyo had participated in this championship.  The three round dual rated G/25+5 sec. tournament offered an opportunity for young players to put their endurance and skills to the games against a wide variety of playing strengths. 

Nicolo Pipalo, who was a Nishimachi Chess Club coach in 2017-2018, has returned to Nishimachi to help out two teams. The teams performed brilliantly and a highlight of our results are listed below:


1. Nishimachi International School #1 - 7.5/8.0

2. Nishimachi International School #2 - 2.5/8.0

3. The American School in Japan - 2.0/8.0


Well done, all of you!     

CM Alex Averbukh and Simon Schweizer's visits culminated in a simultaneous chess match against 13 students of ASIJ and Nishimachi and an alumni of Nishimachi. A Simultaneous Chess Exhibition (Simul) is when a strong chess player plays many opponents at the same time, moving quickly from board to board. The player makes his move when the master shos up at his board. The master responds quickly and moves on.    

We are inspired by the good sportsmanship, good ideas and positive mindsets that made the day special one. For those teams who came along and participated over the weekend, thank you for your hard work throughout the year and we hope you had a great time.  This championship would not be possible without the continued support from players, parents, chess instructors and schools. 

Thank you!

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    Tatiana (Monday, 20 May 2019 17:50)

    Dear Yoko, Alex, Simon,
    thanks a lot for a great event. Our children Stepan and Arsenii were very happy to participate. Well arranged!