7/13/2019(Sat) CM Kyle Haining Simultaneous Exhibition

As part of his trip to visit relatives in Higashi-Tokorozawa from Seattle, Washington, the U.S., CM Kyle Haining has offered to play a  simultaneous exhibition against kids, junior and adult players in the Tokyo Bilingual Chess club on July 13th, 2019.  Kyle is a National Master in the U.S. and a National High School Chess Co-Champion. In 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, Kyle won (or tied) for 1st place in his grade in the Washington State Elementary School Chess Championship. Kyle turned 19 this year and has just finished his first year in college.  

Kyle played seperate chess games against ten attendees at one time—eight children and two adults, ratings from approximately 500 up to 1700+, including WCM Natsumi Kojima. Kids were not familier with Simul. etiquette, so it was announced that his opponents should wait for him to appear at their boards before they make their moves. Kids who draw or win against a chess master were supposed to receive a special prize, but Kyle has won all games in a simultaneous exhibition.  Everyone had a fun time watching and learning more about the game, and the players all enjoyed 

playing such a great chess master came from outside of Japan, who can be a role model of chess kids. It was certainly a fun night to have a dinner with Kyle and his lovely chess mom, Li, at the Tempura restaurant - "Isshintei".  Thank you to Kyle for a lasting, memorable, and inspirational experience that will be remembered for years to come for kids. Thank you, CM Alex Averbukh, our director, and Natsumi, for supporting this event. We look forward to similar events in the future!

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