Interschool Chess Championship 2018

On Saturday, April 14, 2018, the 2018 Inter-school Chess Championship was organized by Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club at Nishimachi International School.  17 students from 3 esteemed  middle and elementary schools across Tokyo had participated in this championship.  The three round dual rated G/25+5 sec. tournament offered an opportunity for young players to put their endurance and skills to the games against a wide variety of playing strengths. 

The teams performed brilliantly and a highlight of our results are listed below:


1. Nishimachi International School #1 - 10.0/12.0

2. The American School in Japan - 5.5/12.0

3. Nishimachi International School #2 - 5.0/12.0

4. Saint Maur International School - 3.5/12.0


Awesome job!  We are inspired by the good sportsmanship, good ideas and positive mindsets that made the day special one.   

We hope this had been an enriching experience for young players to understand more about themselves, both their strength and their weakness. We feel that chess in the city has grown gradually and from the numbers at the events this term, it is continuing to get bigger.  The introduction of Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club is a great tool for after-school activities in schools with access to resources and coaching, allowing to students to have always somewhere to practice their chess. 

For those teams who came along and participated over the weekend, thank you for your hard work throughout the year and we hope you had a great time.  And for everyone else, we will be back once again next year with the inter-school tournaments in Tokyo. This championship would not be possible without the continued support from players, parents, chess instructors and schools. 

Thank you!