2019 Club Championship TBCC Teams Announcement


Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club proudly announces that 3 TBCC teams are going to enter the Club Team Championship 2019 for the forth time as an official member club of National Chess Society of Japan (NCS).


Event: 2019 JCA Club Championship

Date: September 21 (Sat) & 22 (Sat), 2019

Place: Kyurian, 6th Fl. Oimachi, Shinagawa, 





Time Control: Swiss 6 rounds (Fischer mode 45 min + 30 sec) 


 9/21   9:00 Door opens       

            9:40  Captain’s meeting

            10:00  Opening Ceremony

         10:10 R1

      13:30  R2

        17:00 R3


9/22     9:30 R4

             13:00 R5

             16:30 R6

             TBD Closing Ceremony


Team Composition and Board Order

A team shall consist of 4 players (maximum 6 players per team) who are listed below:


Team A 

 CM Alex Averbukh (Captain)

 Kai Tatsumi

 Umarbek Bakhodirjonov

 Paulo Galvez


Team B

 Huachun Zhu (Captain)

 Ray Truter

 Shota Osaka

 Stepan Nikitin 


Team C

 Prabhat Nagarajan (Captain)

 Kris Truter

 Aarushi Deo

 Senal Methmika Gallala Gamage


Captains per team are appointed.  All teams shall abide by these rules and regulations and any matters not covered for in these rules and regulations shall be at the discretion of the TBCC director or the head coach whose decision shall be final and no correspondences shall be entertained.



Welcome IM Ryosuke Nanjo for 2019 Club Team Championship as a head coach of TBCC teams.   IM Nanjo will provide analysis and preparations to young players as they finish the round on site on an availability basis. 



All players must be in the TBCC team poloshirt and proper attire for two days.


Cancellation Policy

All players are expected to play all rounds of the day(s) confirmed unless Coach decides and withdrawal is required for medical or other emergency reasons.  No refunds will be given after September 5th, 2019.


Chess Is A Team Sport!

Do not underestimate the power inherent in playing as a team or the reward felt by teammates who enjoy a very different level of achievement by participating together.   TBCC assigns every new player and experienced player (Captain) on our team to be a tournament buddy, who will help go over games during a tournament, offer moral support, and participate in a special practice before the first tournament to help the new student get ready.


Moms & Dads Backup Member Wanted! 

If your family member of the player wants to become a backup member of the team read requirements of participation and send us email to contact.us@beaconsq.info by 5pm, September 13th, 2019. (NCS membership is required.) Submitting the email results in the automatic placing of a candidate for the family member's team.  Participation is free.  Please understand that the backup member is required to be present before each round, however, most likely NOT playing unless a player's withdrawal is confirmed for medical or other emergency reasons. 


TBCC is going to the NCS Club/Team Championship 2019!

Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club (TBCC) proudly announces that we are going to enter the Club/Team Championship 2019 for the forth time as an official member club of National Chess Society of Japan (NCS).  NCS organizes an annual club/team championship for the first time in September 21 & 22, 2019.  The club championship is for teams of 4 (or up to 6 players).  TBCC now accepts your application to play as a member of TBCC in the 2019 club championship via email by August 25, 2019.


The TBCC team will consist of the following members (subject to change):


Board 1:  Alex Averbukh (FIDE 2111)

Board 2: ___Under 18 (TBD)___

Board 3: _____Under 12______

Board 4: _____Under 10______



Board 1:  TBD (FIDE XXXX)

Board 2: _____Under 18______

Board 3: _____Under 12______

Board 4: _____Under 10______

As a member of TBCC team, the following are the general requirements for candidates to participate in the NCS's Club/Team Championship:


* Attendance of any official rated tournaments in past

* Attendance at a minimum of one TBCC's scholastic tournament or event in the Class A section with top records (Aug-18-Jul-19)

*  Required to take notations

*  Good etiquette of tournament chess

*  Excellent written and verbal communication in English

*  Open to players with a TBCC membership and a NCS membership



The number of TBCC teams will be based on the entry numbers for the Club Championship and the TBCC director reserves the right to vary the number of TBCC teams based on the actual entry numbers for the event.  FIDE or NCS ratings will be used to guide selection into teams.  Prospective participants cannot easily withdraw or change their plans unless there are alternate players and should consult with the TBCC director


The application deadline is August 25, 2019.  Please send an email to contact.us@beaconsq.info if you would like more information.  Please provide us with name, age as of 1/1/2019, and contact number.  Please also spread the words!


HOORAY!!!  The Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club is here to play at the NCS Club/Team Chess Championship!