7/20/2019(Sat) Simultaneous Exhibition w/ GM Samy Shoker

Sometimes younger children and older adults drift in for the fun. Play with the Grandmaster Samy Shoker was a big success on Saturday, July 20th! 

The Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club welcomed GM Shoker from Egypt. 

Our freshly designed content has been tailored to fit all types of chess players -- from kids to adults, beginners to competitors -- and nearly all kids and adults were able to chat and play with GM Shoker. 

A 'Simul' (short for 'simultaneous exhibition') is an event where an experienced chess player plays many challengers at the same time.   

TBCC had the honor and pleasure to host the simul events with chess masters from abroad two weeks in a raw.  These simuls are a unique opportunity for our young players to play against a Chess Masters.  GM Shoker presented the simul against approximately 10 lucky amateur players. What a way to start the summer for these juniors and kids. 

Congratulations to T. Higashino who won against GM Shoker in the simul.  What it feels like to win to GM in the simul?!?!  All kids who win or draw against GM Shoker were supposed to get a special prize, but there was no kid getting a prize.  Too bad that TBCC did not get ready for a prize for adults!  We think GM Shoker is the most universally well-liked and one of our favorit grandmasters by a long shot.  Thank you for this, GM Shoker! Now TBCC is about a lot more than chess. It has grown into an organization that communicates with top level chess players around the world for local kids in Tokyo!

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