Nishimachi Summer Chess Program


Summer Camp for the world’s most enduring and popular board game♟. Open to external students who know the basic moves through to advanced players. You can hone the moves and basic strategies, play for fun, or improve your skills and aim for a place in the highly successful school team in Nishimachi International School.💒


This is the perfect class for beginners and experienced players with basic understanding of chess to begin to expand their skills and learn strategies and rules to play effectively in tournaments. 


The purpose is to learn critical and strategic thinking skills that promote international life long learning for youth.

【Date & Time】6/17-6/28 (Mon-Fri) 10 days 14:40-15:40
【Place】Nishimachi International School, Motoazabu, Minato-ku (details to be provided upon registration.)
【Costs】40,000 yen (10 lessons)
* Trial fee 4,400 yen/lesson for the first time visitor.
【Instructor】Mr. Tornike S.
【Pre-requisite】Grade 2+ Understanding of basic rules, including en passant, promotion & castling.
【Register】 080-4124-8415 (Ms. Tatsumi)
《No Parking Available》
【日時】 6/17~6/28(10レッスン) 14:40-15:40 トコ先生
【場所】西町インターナショナルスクール 港区元麻布(詳細は登録時お知らせします)
【費用】 40,000円(10レッスン)
* トライアルは、4,400円/レッスンで承っております。
【修了科目】2年生以上 Baby Steps on Chess
【定員】 先着10名
【事前申込み】080-4124-8415 (立見)

Summer Fiesta Chess Camp - 7/27/2024


July 27th, 2024(Sat), 10:30-17:45

Osaki, Shinagawa (2 min walk from JR Osaki station-details to be provided upon registration)

Camper Ages: Rising 3rd-9th graders


CM Alex Averbukh   

Time Schedule:
10:15 AM
Drop-Off: Campers enter through the Lobby (Details to be provided upon registration) and meet camp faculty and staff in the room for morning roll-call and announcements.

10:30 AM
Morning Session: After an initial skills assessment, campers are divided into three groups. Tactical Tune Up campers play a round of chess using a G/15 time control. Students finishing their game early work with a tutor to review and analyze their game. Checkmate Challenge campers work on honing their middle and endgame checkmate techniques. Chess Crash Course campers start with the foundation of pawn and piece movement, and game-play.

11:35 AM
Late-Morning Session: Campers go to their assigned groups. Instructors will cover a skill level-appropriate topic divided between classroom-style learning and hands-on exercises.

12:30 PM
Lunch: Spend some down-time chatting with friends in the ThinkPark tower or Gate City Osaki. [NOTE: Lunch is not provided. Please bring money to purchase lunch.]

1:30 PM
Afternoon Session: Campers go to their assigned groups. Instructors will cover a skill level-appropriate topic divided between classroom-style learning and hands-on exercises.

2:30 PM
Special Event: This activity varies each day. It could consist of a simul, team human chess, or an opportunity to play Blitz or Bughouse.

3:00 PM

July Birthday Party: Everyone deserves a “hip, hip, hooray” on their birthday. That’s why we throw a monthly party for our birthday kids of the month. [NOTE: Please notify us if your child's birthday is in July.]

3:30 PM
Special Event: This activity varies each day.

5:30–5:45 PM
Pick-Up: Students are to be picked-up promptly by 5:45 PM at the Lobby.



TBCC Members:  19,440 yen if registration and payment are received before July 19, 2024; 23,760 yen after early registration; 28,080 yen for on-site registration. 


Non-Members:  24,840 yen if registration and payment are received before July 19, 2024; 27,000 yen after early registration; 31,320 yen for on-site registration.  


Camp registration closes on July 27, 2024 and all payment must be transferred by registration deadline.


Half day session (AM 10:30-12:30 or PM 13:45-17:45) is also available for a half price.


Please send the following information to for registration:

  • Student Name
  • Parent Name
  • School
  • Grade
  • Phone Number
  • Chess Level (rating, experience, etc.)
  • Is your child's birthday in July? (Y/N)

St. Patrick's Day♣Tournament

Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club's St. Patrick's Day Scholastic Tournament held on March 16, 2024 was small but fun!  People often wonder: “What is the true story of St. Patrick’s Day?” No body participated in this tournament was the Irish origin, but it's Okay!


Students are being taught by the top chess trainers in the world. It is absolutely astounding that we have access to these talented coaches. The Tournament Director, Alex A., explained how to use a chess clock as it is part of the game.

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Sponsorship Wanted!

A BRAVE NEW WORLD!  NEW OPPORUNITIES if you are interested in sponsoring global-minded young chess players!  Build and grow your brand with Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club!


TBCC Sponsorship is open to individual, groups of supporters and large and small businesses, which allows you to obtain opportunities to reach a specific demographic, such as multinational corporations and communities inside and outside of this country.  It increases visibility for the company and its brand through CSR activities. 


TBCC is currently seeking sponsors for our tournaments, events, fixtures and materials during the forthcoming season as follows: 


● Chess sets, chess clocks, uniforms, trophies and other fixtures

● Expenses for travel, accommodation, other fees of chess coach associated with TBCC players in various internal and overseas tournaments

● Expenses for travel, accommodation, other fees of chess master invited to TBCC events


Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club is looking for sponsors to replace chess sets and clocks.  TBCC is currently using used chess sets and clocks donated by parents and a former Japan Chess Association.  (Thanks always for your support!)  These chess sets and clocks are damaged and broken recently and required to be replaced for internal tournaments.  Especially, chess clocks are broken so easily with TBCC's little players who are so curious with chess clocks 😢


The fact of young players who are representing Japan in the various world championship by a selection from the National Chess Society of Japan is that expenses related to the championship is paid by each family of the player.  Depending on a financial situation of the family, a talented and unbeaten young player sometime needs to give up enrolling the world championship which would result in his/her great experience and future challenges.  Imagine being given such an international opportunity, the total costs would be X,000,000 yen for travel and accommodations for a young player plus Dad/Mom to visit the other end of the globe for two weeks💦


Additionally, pro-rata expenses for travel, accommodation, other fees for a wonderful GM chess coach, who comes all the way from Serbia and supports the Japan Team during the world Championship, is paid by each family of a player.


Your sponsorship will be recognized on the TBCC's various courses of benefit plans as follows: 


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My son enjoyed his K-5 elementary school chess club in Tokyo.   He was really looking forward to playing the chess club champions from the other international schools at the upper elementary chess club. Then, before the summer break, we learned the bad news. The majority of international schools had no chess club for elementary students in Tokyo to experience the benefit of chess. I started to speak with the school principal, teachers, students and parents.

Afterward I wondered, "could a parent with no expertise in chess start a chess tournament at an elementary school in Tokyo???" After all, I'm barely a good match for my 6 year old son! As it turns out, there were some helpful web sites indicating, this is indeed possible! But, how? A couple of the sites even provided general descriptions of the process of starting a scholastic chess tournament.  However, none gave a good detailed blow-by-blow description of the process with actual requirements, all the necessary documents and materials to pull it off.   I needed a scholastic chess tournament start-up do-it-yourself kit for dummies. But, none existed.

It was hard to put the idea of starting a chess tournament aside, in spite of my ignorance on the subject.  My son and a lot of other kids in Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club stood to benefit a lot from the effort.   

There will be still a lot of details to sort out and materials to prepare for our tournaments and events.  

Let us try!  And then try again!  Hang in there!